22nd December 2020

The perfect portion of French fries in the world

French fries, the crispy, crunchy and the mouth-watering appetizer one cannot ever have enough. The greatest food combo of ketchup and French fries are an all-time favorite among everyone. French fries had evolved in different regions in the world to fit the taste and authenticity of different cultures, but the texture and the taste stays true to what we have all experienced. “Crunch!!”

Along side a meat packed juicy burger in the United States, the batter fried fish and chips from England, the spicy French fries from India and the French fries with the golden calamari rings with sea food in our very own little island, Sri Lanka, we love the crispy French fries with anything and everything wholeheartedly.

Trust me on this, Sri Lankans would frown upon, missing out on a decent portion of French fries. Commonly known as chips among the community, we have all at least once in our life thought if French fries were from France. Guess what, it’s a big NO! Apart from its name been French, French fries originate from Belgium dating back to the 1600’s when potatoes were fried. However, Belgium or France, Sri Lankan’s love for French fries would not die.

French fries are one of the most famous side dishes in the world, but one of the biggest problems in the world for me is when the crispy and crunchy French fries portion gets all soggy. Well this is an eternal war we would have, wanting to enjoy our French fries for longer and wanting to finish it soon while its crunchy.

So, imagine having fries which would be crispier forever and ever after! Fine, fine maybe not forever but for a longer time than the regular fries, would you say no? I guess not. That is why “Premium Super Crunch” by Aviko would be introduced to all my Sri Lankan foodies very soon. Made with freshly picked potatoes Premium Super Crunch would be a dream come true for our French fries lovers who want to indulge in the crispy treat (like how we always wanted!). This is one wish I would have asked from the genie in the lamp, Crispier fries, now I could save that wish thanks to Aviko! (Phew!)

Premium Super Crunch by Aviko would be available at your nearest super market or retail store from end October. This would be a new addition to the weekly shopping list as Premium Super Crunch by Aviko with its fresh crispy taste is truly an upgrade from the regular thin cut French fries that we would have from a drive through counter more often.

– Mal ithii –