22nd December 2020

Our Story

Our Story

Our company, Eiger Holdings was established in 2015 as a distributor of corn-based snacks. In our time of working amongst the Sri Lankan food industry, we were able to get a closer look at the inner operations and mechanisms of what drove the trade. In a short duration however, we realized there was a dire need for good quality ingredients, which would increase the taste of food and also positively impact the health and safety of consumers. We saw many shortcomings in terms of other distributors not honouring commitments, following unethical practices and having service issues. We took it upon ourselves to therefore tap into our own strengths and be agile, innovative solution providers in the industry.


As a business that began its journey with the export of coconut-based material in 2019, we have now expanded our services to processed meat, confectionaries, bakery as well as beverages. Over the years we have consciously increased our foothold in other industries that allow us to provide a range of solutions to meet the contemporary manufacturing processes of numerous products. This has further enabled us to link with the evolving preferences of consumers who seek trendy, healthy and inspired entrees, snacks and desserts that draw inspiration from across the world.

We provide a wide range of flavour enhancers, functional ingredients, starch and derivatives that elevate the taste and quality of their products and are safe for consumers. They can be found at leading supermarkets, delis, restaurants and cafes across the island at your convenience. You could also visit our online shop to purchase some of your personal favourite products directly, and have them delivered right to your doorstep in a matter of days.


As a distributor, we are dedicated partners of manufacturing leaders in respective industries that also do not compromise on value. Our approach is simple and straightforward - to lead with vision, and definitive commitment to customer service and satisfaction. With that in mind, the world’s leading manufacturers that we have partnered with offer the best products in terms of taste and lifestyle of Sri Lankans.

From wholesome butters ideal for spreading on breads and crackers to crispy fries that satisfy your taste-buds, hearty mid-day soups to aromatic fruit mixes that pack a punch when it comes to creating delectable desserts - these are the elements that make up a great day. EigerHoldings aims to be a part of that, and more than just your reliable source for quality ingredients.