23rd December 2020

Launch of Diletta

Eiger Holdings, a leading distributor of premium food and ingredients for foodservice and consumers, recently launched its own brand, Diletta. This unusual name translates to ‘beloved’ in Italian and it is what the brains behind the brand aim to achieve: to become a reliable companion to home cooking by offering households across Sri Lanka a range of delicious chutneys, snacks, pickles, pastes, curries and desserts.

All products under this brand are manufactured using excellent-quality ingredients, carefully sourced for their nutritional value and taste, and conform to the highest production standards. The range will include a variety of local favourites, such as polos curry and Chinese chili paste. As they are made in Eiger’s own local manufacturing plant, their freshness is assured, making them a smart choice for those seeking healthier lifestyles.

In addition to locally-produced foods, Diletta will also offer a range of imported snacks and desserts, including premium French fries and desserts. These too have been selected for distribution in Sri Lanka for their high quality, which is ensured by the use of ingredients sourced from reputed international manufacturers and preparation methods by culinary experts.

The Diletta range of products can be purchased at all leading supermarkets as well as through the Eiger online shop.